The MPowHer Difference

Hey there, I'm Megan! Owner + Designer of MPowHer Collective.

In June 2020, I founded MPowHer Fit, LLC. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Pre & Postnatal Coach accomplishing my mission of helping women find their power and potential through fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits.

I have seen much adversity through my life after being abandoned by my biological parents as a teen, surviving cancer and learning how to make it on my own with nothing. I’ve battled depression and anxiety for over a decade. The gym is where I found my purpose and passion; I have no doubt my purpose in this life is to ensure women never have to walk alone.

My survived traumas and drive attract my ideal customers. I am an open book with my journey to help reach others where they are without shame or judgement. Just three days after I filed my first LLC, I found out I was pregnant with our first baby, Blakely Grey.

Pregnancy and entering motherhood have been challenging and rewarding experiences allowing me to relate even further to my MPowHer peeps. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with over 150 clients in the three years of business. It lights my soul on fire to see my clients accomplish, and often far exceed their goals.

After giving birth and realizing none of my fav activewear brands felt comfortable anymore - I had this crazy idea laid on my heart to start designing activewear for bodies that have been through it all + can do it all. 

That journey kicked off with a year-long process of finding my manufacturers and working together to bring my vision to life. I tirelessly sampled SO MANY different designs, intentionally placing each seam and making sure they met every one of my high standards before landing on my very first MPowHer Apparel piece, the Everyday Leggings. Without much direction and no knowledge on how to market a product based business, I launched and filed MPowHer Apparel, LLC in February of 2022. 

It simultaneously feels like it was just yesterday and also like I’ve been in this business for a decade. There have been many happy moments and complete failures. I’ve built incredible relationships and partnerships with other small businesses and influential women I look up to. I’ve also made business decisions that cost me more money than I like to think about. Through it all, I’ve kept my crazy faith and taken leaps financially and spiritually to believe in my brand and life’s purpose to help women.  

2022 was packed full of ironing out business flows and getting my feet under me with how I would run things. I started a Brand Ambassador program that has grown to almost 100 amazing women. Last Summer, I spent most weekends at community events hosted by Market Collective MN at tons of local breweries and other pop ups like the Gift + Art Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center, getting MPowHer Apparel to new faces I otherwise may have never met. You see, a huge barrier to entry in the activewear and apparel industry is the trust issues shoddy companies have inflicted on consumers. People like to shop the brands they know and love - I get it. I overcome this barrier by getting out into my communities with face to face interaction and letting my pieces speak for themselves. 

When I founded MPowHer Apparel, I was operating out of my loft in my home. As inventory demands grew and new designs were introduced, I quickly outgrew that space. In December of 2022, I moved into my co-warehousing space at SaltBox. I have since transformed the warehouse into a space where you can come shop in person and try on to find your best size! Tight fitting clothes can be tough to guess sizing when shopping online. Little plug - if you’re not local to MN, I have an easy and free 30 day exchange/return policy. 

At the beginning of 2023, I spoke over the year that it would be one of ‘sowing seeds’ and time for a lot of behind the scenes work - W O W, I didn’t realize how spot on that would be. My mission for this year is all about building brand awareness and getting MPowHer into new hands. I’ve been to tons of pop ups events this year, even bigger than last, including Marketfest in White Bear Lake and several collaborations with local small businesses and gyms. 

Earlier this year, I ventured into wholesale. To date, MPowHer is housed in 6 Minnesota local boutiques and gyms, launching into our very first Arizona location tomorrow in Phoenix! I am eager and ready to work with larger partners - I can’t wait to see how that pans out! MPowHer Apparel is the next up and coming activewear brand!

I’m confident in my designs, mission and what MPowHer stands for. This shows in my approach to business relationships and the whole point of this post - announcing that effective today, September 1st, 2023, I am taking a break from in person coaching. Not only has in person coaching been my main source of income for the last three years, it is also where I have met and created my circle of clients, that I’ve grown to consider friends, and even like extended family. When I do return, it will be bigger and better, as I’ll have even more life experience and guidance to share with clients. 

It is not an easy decision to say the least, but I simply have too many things on my plate. First and foremost, I am a mother. Navigating toddlerhood as a stay at home mom is tough enough; add in two businesses with different needs and time commitments - something’s got to give. 

I am eternally grateful for each and every client I’ve had the honor of working with. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I will continue to be present online and host group activities and hangouts for my local MN girlies. 

Now, let’s see what MPowHer Apparel does with my full professional attention dedicated to her. Come along as I continue to solve issues in women’s activewear, one seam at a time! 

My story is an open book. If you have questions - ask away!