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Inclusive fitness apparel thoughtfully designed for bodies that have been through it all and can do it all. Health and lifestyle coaching, empowering women to unlock their power and potential in every season of life. When you support MPowHer, you give back! 15% of all sales for both MPowHer Collective go right back to women in need- local and abroad.

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MPowHer Fit’s mission is helping women find their power and potential through movement, nutrition and implementing healthy lifestyle habits in every season of life. Schedule a complimentary exploration call to see how I can help you find what a balanced life is for YOU.

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Every MPowHer coaching experience is intentional and tailor made based on client’s goals, abilities and ambitions. We bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be with small and consistent habit shifts. No fad diets or quick fixes around here! We build lifelong, sustainable habits that allow you to show up as your best for every hat you wear. Enjoy the welcoming and loving atmosphere, completely free of judgement or intimidation. Investments vary depending on each unique client needs. Schedule a complimentary exploration call today!

MPowHer Fit
Meet The Coach- Megan
In June 2020, I founded MPowHer Fit, LLC. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Pre & Postnatal Coach accomplishing my mission of helping women find their power and potential through fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits.
I have seen much adversity through my life after being abandoned by my biological parents as a teen, surviving cancer and learning how to make it on my own with nothing. I’ve battled depression and anxiety for over a decade. The gym is where I found my purpose and passion; I have no doubt my purpose in this life is to lead others in their health and wellness journeys to ensure they never have to walk alone.
My survived traumas and drive attract my ideal client. I am an open book with my journey to help reach others where they are without shame or judgement. Just a couple of weeks after I started my business, I found out I was pregnant with our first baby, Blakely Grey...
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Coaching Hype

I am loving training with Megan! She is encouraging, motivating, knowledgeable! I started working with Megan to get into shape and loose some weight. She has exceeded my expectations as we do in person and remote workouts. She has also been great in helping me set nutrition goals and understand how to fuel my body well. I definitely recommend MPowHer Fit, 10/10!

Katie V.

Megan was exactly what I was looking for! Her expert fitness plan and holistic approach will to personal training will have you breaking PRs and skyrocketing your confidence. Even more, she will be your cheerleader throughout your transformation process. Thank you, Megan, for strengthening and empowering me!

Nubia L.

Megan was able to create fitness routines specific to my needs.I am a cancer survivor and I had difficulty with keeping up with physical fitness when I first started with Megan. In the span of 20 sessions, she has helped me to significantly improve my endurance and strength.I feel fitter and healthier and I am really glad I chose Megan as my trainer!

Atishya G.

Megan is an absolute joy to have your butt kicked by.!! You can tell she has an absolute passion to guide and challenge you through your health journey no matter what you’re starting point is. She has been adaptable to life schedules and great at accountability each week! I’m looking forward to continuing to be trained by her!

Jazmin T.

I wish I had the right words to describe my experience! Megan’s desire to help others is infectious. I learned so much and felt so valuable. That feeling is priceless. I would encourage everyone to work towards your goals with Megan, she gives all the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

Danielle N.

I joined Megan’s 4 week program. Everything was well organized and she gave very good information. I also love that she focused on mental health along with nutritional health and physical health. I would recommend her to anyone!

Patricia S.

Megan is amazing!! She listened to exactly what I was wanting to get out of my sessions. She helped me to define long term and short term goals. I’ve been working with her for weeks now and am meeting lots of goals I hadn’t without her. She checks in, helps with my nutrition and is so greatly priced. I have been working with her for months and don’t plan to stop.

Britney K.