Why Does MPowHer Give Back?

If you know about my brand, MPowHer, you may have heard about my biggest mission within the businesses- giving back. Fifteen percent of all sales through both businesses, MPowHer Fit + MPowHer Apparel, go right back to women in need. This spans in a wide variety of ways. From sending an overwhelmed mama to a much deserved spa day, to donating to amazing foundations, all the way to helping women in other countries gain access to safe water sources.

Generally speaking, most people will help others when they can, but why am I so passionate about giving back? Just four years ago in 2018, I had very little to my name. After my parents both exited my life when I was a teen, I was left to fend for myself and made a lot of financial mistakes. I was searching for my worth in material things and found myself in a situation where I had more debt than I could handle. Many months, I had to decide which bills were going unpaid and would steal groceries from Walmart just to be able to eat (we're being really humble, open and transparent here y'all) My phone service was cut off several times because I couldn't afford my bill. I couch surfed for a while until I got my apartment where I couldn't even afford a bed to furnish it. It took a huge toll on my mental health. Money can't buy happiness, but the lack of it can snatch happiness away from you. The constant stress and heaviness of feeling like you aren't enough is hard to escape. I held it together on the outside and hid it well. Several people were huge blessings to me during that time of my life, most of which still have no idea how much they were really doing in those small moments. Their kind gestures gave me hope that I could get through those times and those are the people who ultimately saved me from my suicidal ideations that fought so hard against me. Even though materialistically I didn't have much, friends and even strangers showed me kindness- that is the reason I'm still here today.

I know what it feels like to be alone. I know what it feels like to not be able to make ends meet. I know the kind of spiral it can send you down and how hopeless it can make you feel. I have no doubt in my mind I went through that season to be able to appreciate and have the sensitivity now to help others in this season.

Giving back 15% of all sales is my version of tithing. I believe church is not a physical location, but just where people are and I also believe we're all here to show love to one another, point blank period- no stipulations. Showing love can be through kindness, community or financial help. Just as I know I'm living in my purpose operating both of my businesses helping women find their power and potential, I also know it's within my purpose to help others financially and provide a glimmer of hope in our dark world. I'll do my best to make sure others don't have to walk through dark times by themselves. 

Especially after having my daughter, I'm even more driven to be the best example I can be. My hope is she'll grow up with an empathetic heart, eager to help and love on those in need. No matter how much we have, I aim to keep her humble and grounded by involving her in our giving back and volunteering. 

My least favorite part of giving back is deciding where to allocate the funds. I try my best to set my intention with a clear mind and trust my intuition when it's laid on my heart to give. I would help every last person in need if I could. Some examples of great causes we've given to are Dystonia Research, Prader Willi Syndrome Research, MN Teen + Adult Challenge, and a local women's shelter. This Christmas season, we were able to help TEN families! Some have fallen on hard times, others had brand new babies, a couple had experienced gut wrenching tragedy. 

In the coming year, I plan to involve the MPowHer community in our giving. Quarterly, we will give to an organization or foundation around a cause you get to vote for! In the first part of the year, we'll find a cancer research cause to donate to as a way of celebrating my 7 year remission anniversary. Next, I'm thinking something that helps offer mental health resources and assistance. The third quarter is still completely up in the air, and the last part of the year will be around something to provide families holiday assistance.  

 Thank you for being a part of MPowHer, and for making giving back possible!