Set of 3 Fabric Booty Bands
Set of 3 Fabric Booty Bands
Set of 3 Fabric Booty Bands
Set of 3 Fabric Booty Bands

Set of 3 Fabric Booty Bands

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✨MPowHer Fit’s New Booty Band Sets!✨

•Sets of 3- Light, Medium and Heavy resistance bands with optional add on of extra heavy band.

-Light 10-15lbs

-Medium 15-20lbs

-Heavy 25-30lbs

-Extra Heavy 45-50lbs

•Perfect for every fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert- these workout bands will enhance your exercise every time!

•Helps you make the mind/muscle connection to intentionally exercise and stretch to warm up or cool down

•Get a great glute pump and build your booty

•Durable fabric material that stays in place providing a comfortable workout vs. sliding, snapping and pinching like the rubber ones

•Support a small, mama owned business while getting active- a win/win

These are the perfect exercise band to spice up your at home workout or add to the burn of your gym lift. Labeled different resistances with a mesh bag for storage.


Booty Band=Perfect gift!

The perfect Booty Band!

Why this BAND?

This band is for EVERYONE! YES! Women AND Men! All shapes and sizes; all fitness levels. Be MPowHer’d

WON’T SLIP or ROLL: This band was designed with specific material and detail so that it works for everyone, without slipping or rolling.

FLEXIBLE: This band has a great heavy resistance but is designed to also have great flexibility so that you can perform moves with a wider range of motion SAFELY.

Take your home workouts to the next level with these resistance bands and support a small business in the process!