Get to Know MPowHer Fit

Welcome to the MPowHer fam!

Who I am, Why I started my business

I'm Megan, business owner x2, mom + wife. I own MPowHer Fit LLC+ MPowHer Apparel LLC. I'm a 25 year old woman of faith, mom to an amazing, bright and loving 1 year old and wife to one hot man. I've had a burning passion for helping others since a super young age. I've weathered many storms and intense traumas for over a decade- cancer, abandonment, being so broke my phone was turned off multiple times, chronic pain, suicidal thoughts and extreme mental health issues to name a few. I'll write some separate posts really diving further into my past- I'm truly an open book. These no doubt have given me the ability to empathize and connect with some of the most remarkable women I've had the pleasure of working with. I've been working in the fitness industry since I was 18, and lifting since I was 14. I started my coaching business, MPowHer Fit in June 2020. I'm on a mission to help women find their power and potential through fitness and a truly balanced lifestyle. I'm ALL about transparency- the good, bad and ugly.

I rennovated my private garage gym in Summer 2021 to provide a safe, welcoming and positive environment for all clients!

Two weeks after I brought on my very first client, I found out I was pregnant! Due to my health issues, doctors always told me I would have a hard time conceiving. Knowing this, we began trying early and BOOM! we were pregnant right away. Blakely Grey was born on Valentine's Day in 2021. I know all parents say this- but she is the sunshine on a cloudy day. Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and every other aspect of motherhood have been a whole roller coaster packed with ups, downs and unexpected turns. It's rewarding, sure- but WOW is it challenging in such a unique way.

Put me in, Coach

I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach + GGS Pre/Postnatal Specialist. I'm a forever student currently tackling my PN-1 Certification. I started my coaching business from the ground up in a state where I had no network. I've never been more sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to do more than I am now. I train clients both in person and remote. We bought our home late 2020 and transformed our garage into the ultimate private fitness studio. The atmosphere is welcoming, bright and positive and I have top of the line equipment to give my clients nothing but the best. My remote clients receive coaching through my user friendly and interactive app. Since MPowHer Fit was founded, I have been incredibly blessed and humbled to impact over 60 lives through my coaching. I am a firm believer that when you're walking in your purpose, things just work out. I'm not joking- things that just don't make sense. That is NOT to say it has come without work, I've worked my ass off and been challenged to learn along the way. Its equally challenging and rewarding- such is life, am I right?

MPowHer Apparel

Since I started my coaching business, I had a dream of launching fitness apparel. I saw the issue of fitness apparel being readily available, but only for certain body types. It took over a year of making connections and building rapport with manufacturers, spending thousands on samples and getting all my ducks in a row for a launch. When it comes to any item coming from my brand- I will not settle for anything less than the top notch quality for my MPowHer fam. When I receive a sample, I wear, move, sweat in and wash to ensure top notch quality and comfort- I put my heart into selecting pieces for my collections. MPowHer Apparel is creating a community of badasses to feel confident and strong on every day. Fitness apparel is typically designed with a 'snatched' physique in mind. MPowHer Apparel is thoughtfully designed for bodies that have been through it all and can do it all! Let's be honest- nothing compares to a lift when you're feeling your gym fit!! I'm giving every woman the opportunity to see how beautiful, strong and powerful they are while looking like the baddie you are! A Brand Ambassador program is launching this Spring to help you find your fitness fam.. details to come SO soon. Plans are HUGE with this business and cannot wait to see it come to fruition!